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National Lockdown ASAP

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i thinks it’s important to remember that students are being tested any more, and were averaging 20k+ most days still

cases are rising amongst the over 30’s as demonstrated in Manchester thread I started.
It looks as your final point is the main problem. There are falling infection rates in areas being put in Tier 3, but it's younger people that is causing this. Over 60s infection rates have gone up by a factor of 4 in a month. Nottingham has 40% more people in hospital with Covid-19 than in the peak in April.


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I'm not in favour. The only decent argument would be if the NHS was becoming so overwhelmed that other important procedures couldn't carry on. (In some regions they might be getting close to that point, but I'd back local lockdown for that, not national).

The average age of those who have died from coronavirus in England and Wales since the start of the pandemic is 82.4 years old. Whilst it might seem a bit callous, I don't think that's totally insignificant when considering how much to knacker the economy.


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The idea of a national lockdown died when they let Dominic Cummings get away with what he did in the summer.

If they had treated him, like any one else who had been caught breaking the rules, it would have shown some sort of solidarity with the cause. But we all know what happened.


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My parents absolutely love been grandparents. Gave them a new lease of life. Get a Boro shirt on the baby before he or she sees a Liverpool or Utd badge 😂
Bet they do, I'm buzzing everytime I think about the baby
My daughter & son in law are big Boro fans, no way anything other than the Boro will go on the baby