Mock the week


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I expect it will pop up somewhere else, or at least something very similar will. Maybe dave will pay for it as new content?

It probably is time for it to leave BBC 2 as the format has gone a bit stale and in my opinion it has never been as funny as HIGNFY.


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I used to like it, but Hugh Dennis just makes my skin crawl now, so I won't miss it.

They try to appear spontaneous, but it is obviously rehearsed and contrived.

Jedi boro

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It became to formulaic too many in jokes as well.

Tbf its never been the same since frankie left.

HIGNFY is much better


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Used to be my favourite comedy panel show, but I think it's been going downhill fast for quite a few years now. I found the early series' genuinely hilarious and cried with laughter plenty of times. I don't think the slide even coincided with Frankie leaving, as I think it was still great for a good while after. Particularly liked it when Chris Addison was a regular, and Gary Delaney was absolutely perfect for that format in the few series he was in it regularly too.

Last few series have been pretty dreadful though. They've tried to diversify too much with their guests, and it's felt to me that certain guests have been invited on purely because of their sex, ethnicity etc, rather than being genuinely funny comedians.

Obviously, comedy is entirely subjective, so no doubt there's people out there that have found the last few series excellent!