Matt Crooks at Tavistock


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Don't know where this 15 goals a year thing has come from - that seems like pie in the sky for a midfielder playing for us.



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He scored 6 last season and 9 the season before (in league 1). He definitely gets into scoring positions.

Feck knows where 15 comes from. I would say 6-8 is a great return for a CM.


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I am wondering if there are problems at the Football League due to Covid and its taking longer to do the paperwork?

Only 1 deal went through yesterday for the whole of the Football League, according to BBC transfers. Altoyugh 3 have gone through today, but it still seems very low considering we are just over 2 weeks from the start of the season.
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Jonny Ingbar

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I have to say that this is a signing that I think will be money very well spent and just the type of player that you need in the Championship.

He might not be as exciting as Payero is as a new player, or not as easy on the eye, but I bet he'll be more effective.


Ha ha.. I was probably standing next to him as all the non playing squad watched the game in the corner where I was standing. As I said I wasnt looking for him. I don't know the names of many of our youngsters. I didnt even realise til after that we had to switch our reserve keeper due to serious injury.


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I think it was contribute TO 10-15 score 6 and assist 4 would fall into that category and is what he did in a worse team last season.
No, he didn't say contribute TO, it was:

“I think he can come in and contribute 10-15 goals a season and that’s what we need - more goals.”

(Or at least that is how the EG reported it).


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“I think he can come in and contribute 10-15 goals a season and that’s what we need - more goals.”
I think it's a misquote or misunderstanding. Warnock knows he scored 6 last year, there is no way he expects 10-15 goals. He did contribute t' 10 goals for Rotherham last season, scored and assisted.