Marvin Johnson and Britt Assombalonga


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Britt will never be that sort of player who will graft for 90 minutes, we knew this when we signed him so dont expect this to change now. Still a decent player for this level and significantly better than Akpom

Is he significantly better than him? Both poor and not much it in either way. Both have more weaknesses then strengths


I know we are in hard financial times but I think when britt finally leaves will be almost a new era for mfc and we can look forwards.

His contract expiring is the biggest transfer since we paid £15 million and agreed to pay him £40,000 a Week.


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I would say Britt is twice the player Akpom is, thats not exactly saying much for either of them but Akpom is at least one division too high

He’s a better finisher but I think Akpom is a better footballer. Overall they both don’t offer enough really and we are unfortunate to have such a poor pair. It’s a miracle we have done so well last season with them 2 leading the line. Thankfully someone who’s a good finisher and equally a good footballer in Fletcher is back now and we need to manage him carefully. I wouldn’t fancy our chances of a play off spot as much if we were to lose him to injury. I think the posters suggesting NML could play there may have a point too and he could maybe become a rotation and sub option for Fletcher if he proves he can play up there


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Think it will be interesting to see where Britt ends up. It's quite funny when we're on sky or get to listen to opposition radio commentary the way they talk about Britt as this deadly centre forward. Wonder if other clubs actually see him this way?

Be good to get Johnson signed up, good squad player and been unlucky to lose his place.
His goals per start wasn't bad the first 3 seasons. This season he's been dreadful