Luton fan in a critical condition after trouble last night


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After the game. A guy in his 50’s from Luton in a bad way. Must admit I never knew there was so much needle between these 2 clubs. Hope the guy pulls through
Football shouldn't result in fans being hospitalised.

I live about 7 miles from Luton and meet up with 2 boro fans in the black horse which was a home fans pub, and we the chatted with the Luton fans with no animosity at all. After the game I was in the George ii and it was mostly boro fans and no bother whilst the darts match ended. One boro fan did keep chatting up the bar maid to an enbarassing level but that was as bad as it got.


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QPR Luton has history, no idea why but know it kicks off on a regular basis

Goes back to a stabbing in the 1980s



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I see the Met have made an arrest, 26 year old. Doesn’t sound like there is much change in the Luton fans condition