Liverpool are 10th


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Did Klippery Klopp not do something similar at Dortmund? After a few good years left them in relegation places and resigned. Could not get out of a bad run.
7 year itch isn't it? To be fair he's been there ages by modern standards.

They've recruited badly IMO and have an ageing, off form squad who have lost their confidence/belief.

They need to get their mojo back quickly, but they have about 6 players playing poorly, and a few going through the motions on the wane due to age.

Long may it continue.


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Can you imagine Wilder floating around melwood waiting for the news he's been sacked 'Alright lads, Jurgen once gave me a hug and pep said I could lead global superstars to a title so here I am. First off, Attitude over Abillieh. I'm giving Dave Mcgolrick a ring in the morning, along with Billy sharp. Virgil, get your sprint on mate, you're overlapping him from now on. What you mean you're an attacking midfielder Thiago? That's not the kind of attitude I like. I don't care you've got abillieh. 5-3-2 no arguments, don't play sh** because it'll be all your faults. Now if you don't mind I'm off to have a nice long think about that time Mourinho hugged me whilst Knillsy tells you all about how good we were at Northampton. Sacked only once boys remember that'


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End of a cycle. Losing Mane is a big miss as he was so good, but think they’ve pushed so hard with a very intense brand of football for four years. Since they fell off the pace quite early this season the players have taken their foot off the gas too.

Was only last year they were right in the mix for all 4 trophies. They pushed so hard, guess it’s not sustainable.

Could be the end of heavy metal football at Liverpool. You’d think they might need a new manager and/or a big refresh of the squad to get the hunger back, or might just be a blip season. Mad that they’ve dropped to midtable though.