Leeds scum singing the Munich song


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Commentator praising the Leeds Fans...

"Not a single Leeds fan as left their seats"

Err nothing to do with them not being allowed 🤦‍♂️


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It’s a mindset of a significant (not saying majority, I just don’t know) number of fans. Same ones that sing about Hillsborough, paedos, German bombers, Mido being a terrorist, Adebayor washing elephants etc etc. I love a bit of edge and atmosphere, but some things cross a line.


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Singing about Rashford and Sancho letting the country down! Fighting in the streets of Manchester before the game. I really dislike Leeds supporters so by default hope the team crash and burn this season


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Leeds have a lot of fans that have no class whatsoever. Could be a great club without their neanderthal element.
Fact is that most of the football world enjoyed seeing them wallowing in the lower leagues in recent years.
Angry bunch, now that they can't win bott all. Shame.