Kav on loan to Newport


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Wouldnt you think we'd rather help out a local neighbour rather than one of their relegation rivals. But i guess its whats best for the player's development

Disnt he go to Harrogate last season on loan?


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Lovely bit of movement that. How good would it be if he's the real deal and we end up with a top rate striker from our academy!
I was down at Rodney parade on Saturday (smoggy in exile!). Cav replaced a Man Utd youngster called Mc Neil who was struggling with the physical side of league 2, and his Utd showboat passes were dangerous. Cav linked well with Moriah-Welsh (another sub) and Aaron Lewis, who unselfishly played the ball back for Cav's goal. Wish it wasn't a Boro keeper he scored against though! Bryn was a bit exposed as Swindon were down to ten men. How well Cav does will be down to how he can cope with the giants that L2 teams seem to all possess! Still. nice to see a bit of football from County!
On to Cardiff next week!


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I'm guessing when Sterry came off and Dolan came on they'll have switched Dodds position and let him play as an attacking wing back. Great ball from Umerah who had just come on.
Is Dodds on loan? I thought his contract was up in the summer so unlikely to come back?