Joey Barton

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I bet Daniel Stendel is not too happy with his bank balance today!! It’s amazing that this whole thing couldn’t have been cleared up amicably as there was clear video evidence — another stupid court case wasting time and effort which could have been used on better causes.


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"He said he had been knocked over by a push from behind, causing him to hit his face on the metal structure"

Rumours at the time were that Barton had headbutted him.
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I’d never seen that French accent footage before. What the…

I don't like Barton. He's loathsome. That said, he's a mutant result of a decent mind gone to waste clutching at what he has around him without being able to escape his demons.

He's a sad case and that's not a nice thing regardless of perspective.


I saw him at The Cheltenham LIt Fest a couple of years ago , he was professing to being a changed man , i asked in the Q and A section if he was such a changed man why was he currently suspended from his place of work ( Rangers ) for assaulting a team mate ?
His agent who was on stage with him advised him not to answer.
At the end of the “ show “ Barton’s mother ( who was in the audience ) give me the dirtiest look I’ve ever had off another human being in my life. !