Jake Bidwell


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We need a back up left back, but we shouldn't be paying that for a back up.

Bola is more than good enough as first choice.

Get Ciaron Brown in, he's cheaper and younger and would be happier as back up.


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Can he play centre back in a back 3?

It’s possible Warnock is planning to play 3 at the back against top teams / good teams away from home and 4 at the back for the other games.

Warnock may be looking at him as back up left back and also left sided centre back?

Just a guess though.


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I thought joe Bennett was injured.

If we have £5m to spend on new players it doesn’t matter what their cost individually as long as the collectively their in budget . Obviously if we can buy alternatives for less money fair enough .


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Why are looking at back ups when theres still positions that we need first teamers for? Isnt that how we got such an unbalanced team with Pulis. Why not just keep Coulson