it's not all over

It’s over. No way will all of the three teams above us fail to get two points per game. That puts it out of our reach
I think it's going to be really difficult for us to finish above Norwich. We can only get 76 points maximum.

They're only going to need to take 12 points from a possible 21. They have to play Leicester and Ipswich but their other 5 games look very winnable.

Yeah it’s very very unlikely but just wanna keep the rest of the season interesting. Just hope we finish strong and something to build on next season
The one advantage of getting old is you realise if a situation offers a glimmer of hope then experience means I know the Boro will @#** it up so no getting hopes up.

Yes it means I am permanently mildly upset but no massive disappointments for me:)
Norwich have Leicester and Ipswich coming up, we have two winnable games at home. If those go our way then Norwich are only 3 points way. Hull aren't doing much, although Coventry and PNE would also have to slip up.
Stranger things have happened. You never know.
Shake your head. It was over when we gave up last month.