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Morning all - hoping somebody may be able to help so here goes....

I've got an iPhone 7 - this morning it asked me for my passwors rather than my fingerprint scan - this happens fairly often without an issue. I put the password in as usual but it keeps getting rejected.

Anybody had this? Anybody know a way to get in without a hard reset? If I have to do that, then so be it....I'm backed up in icloud so not a total disaster.

Many thanks in advance.


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I spend half my life trying to sort out peoples passwords, not a pleasant task. get someone who knows what they are doing on it is my advice, friend or whoever. get it linked up to itunes. and be careful with passwords & recovery methods in future! good luck


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Mmm, have you downloaded the latest software update 15.0.2
If not, you could try that.
Other things you could try is double tapping the bottom button on the phone and swish closing all your open Apps and give it a good clean using the Memory and Disc App which you can download from the App Store for free.
Then power it down and back up again.
Apologies if I sound like I’m trying to get Granny to suck eggs, these are just a few suggestions that have helped me in the past.


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Many thanks for the replies - I got back in.

I followed the steps for a hard restart but there was an option to update software without losing data - I did this and hey presto, it allowed me to sign in!!

Although keeping the software updates up to date is a pain in the ass, it’s often best to do it. If you have the Lookout security app on your phone, it will tell you when the next update is available to download.


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This tip never fails.

Find the nearest bin in your house. Drop the iphone into the bin. Buy an Android.

had a few people with android lockouts recently too - make sure your recovery info is upto date people - old email addresses & phones is not a good idea!