Inside Matchday - Reading


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I cant remember an atmosphere like that in the South Stand since the Brighton promotion match.
In fact I think it topped that.
Wilder`s credentials at Sheffield Utd are outstanding - this is a step up for him and the club.
Wow! What magic!🪄🚀



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Still makes me buzz watching the highlights, fantastic, absolutely fantastic, South Stand, take a bow, amazing support, RF, hats off to you lad's and lasses, simply brilliant, even when we go behind, full support, wonderful and what a difference to the Riverside atmosphere.
100% support, a joy to behold


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I feel for the ones who left early and missed them celebrations, a sight to behold and they were still at it 20 minutes with Matty coming out for a dance.


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I didn't appreciate that low cross from Jones for Sporar in the first half enough at the time, the way he bended it around the defender (4 mins 35 secs into video). Love the understanding they have with eachother.

Also, can't put my finger on why exactly but Connolly reminds me of Rooney in the way he plays. Looks a lively player and think he'll be a big player for us when he's fully up to speed.