I'm feeling rather pleased with myself


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I got a couple of three pointers in the first round last night and one point for the chair pic part as I used to have one of them. I don't understand how anyone gets points in the second round, don't think I have ever got near. I like the wall but only ever get one or two connections at best and, now they are getting deeper in to the competition, the missing letters round is proving a tad harder. Monday nights also don't help after a crappy day back at work. Makes University Challenge look easy lol


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Makes University Challenge look easy
You know I think University Challenge HAS got easier - just saying that to Senora Malaguena last night

I hate to use the phrase "dumbed down" but If I can answer the majority of the general knowledge questions, something has happened - Fred Housego will be spinning in his grave (if he's no longer with us)

Edit - forget that, I was thinking of Mastermind !!! - oh dear !! (the point remains valid though !)