Ilias Chair sentenced to 12 months in prison

Wow, incredible, you're a pro footballer and a talented one and you go and do something like this sabotaging your entire career. Hope the truck driver has made a full recovery.

On a side note, that's QPR FUBARed isn't it? Their best attacking player gone, and their most salable asset unavailable for the rest of his contract. I guess they'll sack him and not pay any wages, but, they've probably lost out on a potential 8m transfer fee too.
Driver was left in critical condition but is now recovering. Dont think hes able to work anymore which is terrible.

From a footballing perspective yeah would assume thats QPR knackered. He's played 31 games this season and been one of their best players despite his numbers not being as high.
Imagine being a footballer.. getting paid to train and watch footy videos.. playing fifa.. picking out daft haircuts and clothes.. having seggs for minutes on end!

It’s almost like that isn’t enough for some
He needs to be careful, because there is probably a big bunch of ex-con HGV drivers out there waiting to give him a slap. 😉
Probaly explains why QPR have been able to hold on to him for this long. Wondered why no one had come in for him the last couple of years