If you could go back and re watch any LEAGUE game in our history.What game would you pick?


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May 1967 versus Oxford United for me.
Great victory and promotion back to the old 2nd division.
Spent most of the game sat on the grass near the corner flag at the Holgate right side as you look at the pitch. AP was rammed that night.
I was with my Dad and 2 uncles (Vic and Brian) who have all passed away now.
As a young kid it was amazing and a bit scary when queueing to get in. It was fantastic walking home with my Dad and seeing him so happy.
Did I have to be there originally? There are some matches that I missed that I would have liked to have seen like Juninho's debut, Ravanelli's debut or the Brighton promotion game.

The very first match at the Riverside against Chelsea was pretty special as well.
Good question OP.

Assuming play-offs don’t count (that night at Brentford was unreal) I might choose the matches that clinched promotion in 87 and/or 88. I was slightly too young for them but always wished I’d been there.
Banik Ostrava away. If you were there, got an 80p ticket and got the train from Prague, then you'll know why. Not that I can remember much of it like.
March 2002. Frank Sinclair secures all three points for Boro after three minutes with a thirty yard scuff that trundles past Ian Walker who reacts like a man wearing diving boots. Forget your Basles and your Steaua Bucharests, that was a moment that will endure for all time.
No good footage of this goal exists anywhere! I was there, but I’ve wanted to watch it back for 22 years.