If our current team and squad were in the Premier League under Sir Michael Carrick?


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A question that really doesnt need answering

How many teams survive in the PL with very little investment but then Fulham didnt do very well did they a couple of seasons ago after dismantling their promotion winning team

Karankas Championship promotion winning squad was better than the one we currently have and we know how that went


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Think it would be a long hard slog with the current side.

Of those playing regularly I think only Steffen, McGree, Akpom and Archer are EPL standard.

That said, if a team with Willock and Longstaff in can be top 4, there's hope for anyone!
Fry, Giles, Forss, Hackney..


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The difference between Brighton and say Bournemouth, is much bigger than the difference between us and Bournemouth.
I reckon we could compete at the bottom end of the PL with some strengthening.






We'd need 4 good signings (plus signing Giles/Steffen on permanent) to have a chance.
There is a chance Jones, Barlaser, Hackney, Forss etc. could slot into those positions but we'd need more squad depth anyway.


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A question that really doesnt need answering

How many teams survive in the PL with very little investment but then Fulham didnt do very well did they a couple of seasons ago after dismantling their promotion winning team

Karankas Championship promotion winning squad was better than the one we currently have and we know how that went
We downgraded some of our players after we got promoted.
We were killed my the recruitment that season. Karanka didn't have a chance.
Our CM would get absolutely battered week in week out in the Premier league, full backs are not good enough either. This current team is playing some lovely stuff at the moment, but we'd be too busy defending to play anything resembling the football we play now.


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Silly question really,

So how well will Burnley do in the premiership next year? they would struggle without new signings, and there are miles better than anyone in our league .

We are a very good championship team, with mostly good championship players, with exception of a few that could make the step up, If we did get promoted we would need a huge investment within our transfer makeup.


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Fry, Giles, Forss, Hackney..
Not for me. Any team with a half decent press would crucify Fry on the ball. Giles would get *even more* exposed defensively. Forss has potential, but right now I don't think there's enough to his game (*maybe* if he played through the middle?)

Hackney could very well make that step up in time but I think right now he's a little lacking. His movement allows him time on the ball in this league, which he massively users to his advantage, but I don't think he would find so much space in an EPL midfield.


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I've been thinking about this for a while and when we first got into the play off zone then l thought we were still a mile off Karanka's team. They were solid and still carried a goal threat, but as the weeks have passed my confidence in the team has increased. I now think that we are equal to that team. The Sunderland game apart we have proved we are a top Championship team. If we continue to perform at this level we could easily be the FIRST TEAM FROM THE NORTH EAST to win a major final at the new Wembley. Come on Man U!
Next season we would need 5 or 6 Premier league standard players but we have to be careful but hopefully the current regime will not make the same mistakes as our last promoted team where some of the "improvements " weren't that.
Our current team would probably beat Sunderland's 19 points but not by much


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This squad would finish bottom with the loan players.
Without the loan players it would rival Derby's record.

But that doesn't matter because the squad that entered September would look nothing like the current squad.
There would be an injection of quality that might just keep us up if those who look promising also stepped up.
How much quality came in would determine our chances.

Akpom is the only player I would currently be confident would look at home.
But others would emerge.

Recruit the quality we need for the first team.
Retain the promise and potential for the squad.

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You bunch of negative Nellie's! 🤣

Okay playing devils advocate here, if someone had said in October when we were 21st and people saying what a terrible team/squad we had, that Lord Michael would get us up to 3rd and playing like the championship Barcelona, how many would have that was possible? Maybe some of these players and coaches would suprise in the world's richest and toughest league to play in....
Oh gawd what am I saying my wife is gonna kill me.


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You can obviously take this with a dose of salt but the ratings below don't suggest there is too much difference between bottom Prem and top Championship. It's bottom Prem and middle/top Prem which is the big leap.



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We'd have to start with a whole new back '5' and good quality no.6. that's £100m+ just in that area of the team, look at the chances we gave Blackpool on Saturday and had 70% possession, prem league strikers would be putting 2 or 3 of them away, imagine having 30/40% possession max in most games, we'd be giving away twice the number of chances. I'd imagine we would be conceding min 2/3 every week, our forward players are no way good enough to bridge that gap.
I don't envy Keiron Scott trying to plan the summer transfer window, not knowing which division we're going to be in, looking at £10/15m spend, to comfortably compete at the top of the division we're in, or spend £100/150m to try to just about survive in the division above, tough ask


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I agree with most here we would likely finish rock bottom with a very low points return without significant investment.

However, there are some good examples recently of teams/players who have gone through the division and excelled in the top flight. Its not beyond the realms of possibility that Hackney/giles/akpom/mcgree could suddenly flourish in the top division like many previously. Plenty at brentford/brighton/wolves/burnley etc have in recent seasons.

The key to recruitment will be to ensure we aren't screwed if we go down a la the gestede/briit/monk parachute payment jizzfest!!!!!

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Who in the current team would get in this team ..

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Akpom obviously would get in, probably Steffen and Smith as well. Apart from that it's hard to compare like for like, Howson, Hackney and Giles aren't as good defensively as the players in their positions but are all much better attacking players. Forss offers more of a goal threat than Adomah but isnt as natural a right sided winger as Albert. McGree is more creative than Stuani and probably more comfortable in that position but won't get you as many goals. Our current centre backs again probably not as good defensively as their counterparts in that team but are better on the ball than Gibson and Ayala.
I do agree that Karankas team were better, so far anyway!