Huddersfield v Burnley


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Burnley were a class apart really , udders were lost minus their old manager & 2 better players does help to a massive degree


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How do you know wilder wanted to walk away? Doesn't seem like that does it?
I was only messing about, really. ;)

But yeah, I do believe he wanted to go ... I thought we had more assurances he was in it for the 'mid to long-term' didn't he say when he joined??

I hope he made the right choice in resisting :D(y)


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Maybe too early to say how good that Burnley performance really was as Huddersfield looked pretty forlorn.

That said Burnley had, what 8 new players on the pitch and none of them were big money signings. They have picked up Maatsen, Costello, Twine and especially Cullen and they looked like they had played together for years. It bodes well but time will tell if this was a portent of things to come for Burnley or a false dawn.


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A total change from last season apart from Michael Jackson is part of the coaching set up rather than managing

I must admit I thought they had told him to beat it 🤔