Howson, time to move on?


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but is it his fault the team are having a bad game or is he having a bad game along with his team mates, he brings more good than bad to the team for sure. and no doubt the club are trying to find his replacement as the writings on the walls, but he's like fry where once he starts to get wrote off by everyone he normally terms things around.

the sunderland match the whole team looked to have been sussed out and played really well against us, even the likes of giles looked like shades of himself
its a good point, Im inclined to think he makes the team tick in a way


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Accepted wisdom about Howson that I've never really agreed with is that he is a 7/10 player every week and is very consistent. I wouldn't say he is wildly inconsistent but he has his stinkers, often when the opposition target him like sheff utd under wilder. He also has games where he is absolutely majestic Spurs in the cup being the most notable.
I wasn't much of a fan until the woodgate season when he really stepped up and often looked like a man playing with boys. (Not in a dodgy sense like).
He's got life left in him yet and should be getting a contract for next year. It's up to the club to sign someone good enough to get him out of the team.

Steve Bee

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His job is whatever the manager asks of him for the benefit of the team. As was Clayton's.

Both did/do it very well. Howson was player of the season last year.

Clayton was named in the championship team of the season while with us.

It's almost as if there's more to being an effective centre midfielder than just being credited with goals and assists isn't it? 🤔

You must have thought Boateng was shyte too then?
No, he tackled constantly. Same Mustoe, Hamilton, Souness, Armstrong


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Another great assist for Howson today with a slide rule pass through to Forss.. still plenty for Forss to do but it all started with Howsons excellent pass

He was brilliant today, also very lucky not to get booked. He’s certainly still a valuable part of the team, but he’s 34 now and it’s bound to start taking its toll.

Does Barlaser play a similar role to him?


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He wasn't that good at 25.
Combining old heads with young legs in the midfield is key succession planning. Passing the Leadbitter and Howson footballing logic through to the next iteration of the team. Hackney is showing leadership skills at 20 more than Leadbitter at 25 because of their tutelage/mentorship.
This is why 'hero' managers who come in and demand everything change are so damaging to the long term success of a club, as it destroys the vision, mission and values that get instilled from the academy onwards.

The very bones of Boro understands and responds well to Mustoe, Hamilton, Souness, Armstrong, Clayton, Leadbitter, Howson types and are planning the succession well in my opinion with Barlaser and Hackney. That with a rejuvinated strike-force is formidable.

Yes, Wilder had his mid-life crisis and gave us a half season handicap but Carrick has come in and, if anything, has done a bit too much early doors. That said, if we did go up, I'd be a lot more confident in the mind set of this crop than any Boro side that has come close, or succeeded, this century.

Any which way, today is a good day to be a Boro fan.

Jonny Ingbar

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In that case he was lucky not to be sent off!
I think he's a player that always picks bookings up, due to the way he plays.

I don't think he committed another foul that was worthy of a yellow (as much as his booking definitely was), but I thought Cathcart was a little lucky to finish the game.


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A two footed lunge he got away with in the first half. Always run the risk when you’re off the ground like that.
I can’t remember that.

Still, great display from him. Will be interesting to see how Barlaser is introduced.


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Good point! I don't see how we can leave Captain Howson or General Hackney out of our team at the moment. I think that he will have to start on the bench.
Once we start playing midweek games then Howson could be rested for the odd game.
I can’t remember that.

Still, great display from him. Will be interesting to see how Barlaser is introduced.