How La Liga decides the calendar of matches


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It is interesting how La Liga decide the calendar of fixtures. They have one million different possible calendars. Numbered 00000 to 99999.

They then draw 5 single digit numbers at random. Where each digit can be between 0-9. From 5 different bowls that each have 10 little balls in them. With the 10 balls in each bowl containing a number 0-9.

This year the magic number is 51158.

The calendar with this number gets published 2 minutes later.


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@JaenBoro Any idea when the Málaga Granada match is going to be?

UPDATED - have found out. It is the weekend of:
Jornada 19 (04/12/22) Málaga CF-Granada

Taking place while the World Cup is on. So no matches for UD Almería.
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