Hernandez looks a hell of a signing


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and he sees fit to take him off,looks very good the time he was on.dissapoingting start to season,if we dont start winning soon,the crowd will be on warnocks back,whichever way you look at it,we have a more than decent squad


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Onel Hernández Flag of Cuba's debut at Middlesbrough FC Red circle⚪:

✔Min: 63 '
✔Touch: 25
✔Shots: 2
✔Pass: 12/17
✔Chance Created: 1
✔Duels won: 2/8
✔Dribbles: 1/4
✔Recovery: 1


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Could be purely precautionary, been a long time since the lad did a full 90mins. Im assuming our players have the heart monitors etc like premier league ones do and maybe it flagged up he was starting to struggle.


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He seems to love taking it to the byline and rounding defenders.
If only our lads could help by putting his crosses into the back of the net!


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Boro fans already love this guy.
Nicks a goal,
Gives his shirt to to a young kid and jumps in the crowd to celebrate.
Get in!:love:



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Hes hardly trained all summer and not had "minutes" on the pitch.
Warnock warned Hernandez had some stiffness after the match.
A few heads and feet in the box might just pay for his crosses.
Cracking player.
Almost too good for us. (y) ⚽

Jonny Ingbar

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He's very quick over the first couple of yards, powerful and can play too. Looked a threat last night, especially when the game opened up a bit.

I know it was a shocker from their keeper, but some players wouldn't have been quick enough off the mark to knick the ball. He seemed to enjoy his goal a bit too!


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He doesn't half whip those crosses in low and hard. I imagine with a bit more time at the club people will start to gamble and get accross the near post.

He's not fully up to speed either👍