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Middlesbrough Libraries - daily #HiddenGems - today is Henry Pease and the Pease family...
Good Morning and Welcome to #HiddenGems as we continue to celebrate #LocalHistoryMonth. Our colleagues at Darlington Libraries may appreciate this post given the subject as today Chris examines a beautiful gem in the local collection here at Middlesbrough Libraries all about Henry Pease.
Chris writes . . . .
A nice holding, in the Middlesbrough Reference Libraries Local History collection, is this copy of Henry Pease. A short story of his life. The author is credited as M. H. P. Shelved at C920P. Published in 1897, this copy is a second edition, from 1898. It was most likely purchased in 1898. Sometimes books like this are acquired from second hand bookshops, and have a penciled price in the front, such as 3/6, in old money. However this copy has a very nice label at the front, claiming it as the property of Middlesbrough Free Library and Museum, Reference Department. There is also a penciled price, 2/6 and something else unreadable. Perhaps 2/6 was the price, new, at purchase. The National Archives currency converter gives a value of £10.26, today.
M.H.P, is Mary H. Pease, who was his wife, and wrote the first introduction to the book. So while not an autobiography, it equally, is not a book by a historian, who has researched his subject, but a biography, by someone who knew Henry Pease personally, and very well. The preface to the first edition begins My Dear Children -. In it Mary says that “this little sketch of your beloved father’s life was written during the first winter after his death”
Henry Pease (1807–1881) was the fifth son of Edward Pease.