Hayden Hackney


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What where people's thoughts on him tonight? I thought he played well, looks to have a touch of quality. Really like the look of Bilongo too every time I see him.

Jedi boro

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I don’t get Boyd munce at all as he’s not a kid he signed from a side in this league. He really should be stepping up now.

I’m not sure what he is either def m att m hold m ????


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As for Hackney he played a few good passes but just not strong enough or mobile enough to be effective for a championship side. Needs another loan


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Hackney couldnt cut the mustard at relegated scunthorp last season. Why didnt bilongo head at goal instead of looping it back to chuba ?

Frustrating night all round


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Bilongo has the attributes, tall, fast, but needs patience from the fans. He ain't gonna be the answer yet. Deserves a bench space so he can learn.

Same with Dodds, very speedy and forward thinking - might have benefitted from tired opponents.

Hackney was solid, always looking for the ball.

Gibson started brightly but disappeared in the 2nd half.

Fletcher was bright, had a chance snatched at.

Boyd munce was there, getting stuck in, but is he meant to be a creative midfielder? If he is, he's got learning to do.

Finch shouldn't have been a starter.


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Hackney was the pick of the kids tonight. Gibson did little of note. Boyd Munce is a mile off a midfield berth even in a squad that NOW only possesses three centre midfielders. Which means he's probably first reserve when Howson inevitably gets crocked or Crooks suspended. Given that McGree isn't setting the world alight either we are (or should be) desperate for not less than two good quality midfield players. And Soon.


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Dodds was the stand out of the kids, the one I thought could slot into a senior side but he wasn't on long enough to really assess.

Hackney was ok but you need to see the occasional kid alongside seniors to see if they can step up.


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I was keen to see bilongo at LCB but thought it was telling they've moved smith to LCB and Billongo to LWB when Bola went off. Wilder clearly didn't trust Bilongo as Barnsley had started targeted that area of the pitch shortly after he came on. Looked a bit sloppy and loose in possession. Hackney looked much better second half. Drove forward and was more incisive. Sadly think this matched showed we don't have any depth past the obvious first 11


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I thought Hackney was very good. Only 20 and cdm is a very disciplined role. Dodds came on and did very well. Has good pace and seems a natural wingback.


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Just caught Wilders post match interview, gushing about kids performances ... must have been at a different game than most of the posters here . I get it he needs to be positive but I had to turn it off after a couple of mins. I think he was hurt to be in this position and having to be accountable on the coal face for the performances and grasping at positives from a poor situation.