Has Isaiah reached his ceiling?


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Interesting from Carrick. He's seen what many have commented on here.

Jones is no longer 'nailed on'.

I imagine it's maybe a kick up the backside. I'm not sure how he's training etc.

Then again...maybe a move in the offering. Who knows. A few London clubs were linked. I wonder if something in that?


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Finally - wouldn’t have him within a mile of the team. Terrible disinterested attitude last week and leaves us down to 10 men whenever he is on the pitch. He had a good 15 - 20 games at start of last season but has been abysmal since. The team is so much better for not carrying him.


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"This will upset the Jones should be playing members"

He has been poor for a while, and i'm glad Carrick doesn't even trust him as a sub, his attitude when coming on lately, has been appalling.

Yes, he was unplayable at times last year, but you cannot pick a player on what he did in the past. his form has dipped alarmingly, and he didn't warrant a starting place within the team.

So carrick put him on the bench, possibly to get a positive reaction from him when needed, but when called upon did nothing.. so now he is out of the squad.

He now has to improve in training, and hopefully rediscover last year's form, or the club moves on without him.


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Confidence player low on confidence. As Carrick himself said in the interview there doesn't need to be any 'bad' reasons behind it. I'm sure we'll see him back sooner rather than later.


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The lad has ability, but he does seem to have lost his way.

The question MC is asking now, is if he has the balls to fight his way back.
It might be the making of him. It might also be the end for him.

I give him 50/50 atm.


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He’s not good enough. You could tell when he was on form too, control, passing and just footballing brain not good enough.
agree he gets the basics wrong too often, should be doing double training to get those foundations right

Colin Warnek

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He’s not good enough. You could tell when he was on form too, control, passing and just footballing brain not good enough.
You could tell he wasn’t good enough when he was on form? You do spout some utter rubbish. The bloke in your picture wasn’t anywhere near good enough for 2 seasons either.


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I was hoping he would come on topday actually, felt like we needed him first half out wide as Forss was not looking comforetable there but then he only goes and scores so what do I know


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I'm still a big fan of his and I think ĥe'll go on to have a smashing career.
However I think it will be away from Boro. This is his Djed moment 'You can either be Premier League or non league ' as Warnock said.
He has a much better attitude than Spence and I hope when he's out of his slump he'll do really well.
From a star player to 3rd and even potentially 4th choice on the right his confidence must be shot


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He may be another Spence and all about attitude.
Or he may be at rock bottom re confidence. If the keeper doesn't make that great save maybe it lifts a load.
It may be that the system under Wilder suited him and we didn't imagine all those assists and dazzling play, combining with Crooks and Dijksteel.
It may be a lot of things.

I would just love Isaiah's form to return, but even if it does he would find it extremely difficult to get in this side just now.


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If we were to get promoted and things remain the same with it being tough for him to get in the side I would prefer to loan him out than sell him to be honest. A loan could be just what he needs. I believe Carrick is doing the best thing for Jones right now in keeping him away, he’s had a lot to deal with becoming a new dad and maybe that’s caused a delay in his progression. These things can happen. Next season will be a big one for him.


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Actually it’s been blatantly obvious that he can’t do the basics very well since he came into the side.
Yes, particularly the intricate triangular play with Dijksteel and Crooks which resulted in so many goals. He was crap from day one at that, his deft touch and accurate balls were lucky touches.