apparently its only coming out on ps5 and xbox series x , so no pc and theyve said it will be released in the fiscal 2024 year meaning it should be Jan, Feb or March hopefully, looks superb a real step up in every department
It looks mega! I honestly can't wait for it. I'll get to use my PS5 properly then, as I've hardly touched it since getting it 🫣
I'm hoping to get a Xbox series S in the new year(would love a series X but we'll put of my price range). I have been playing games on the same laptop for the past 5 years and it's getting a bit old for games now, but still works ok on most of the strategy games and sim games I play. But I want something that I can play the good old shooter games on and action games which I don't enjoy on a laptop. The thing that swayed me to get one in the new year was the release of GTA 6 and get some practice in with GTA 5 before the new one is released 🤣. I have had every GTA games since the top down view GTA many years ago. I had an Xbox one but sold it when I separated with my now ex wife about 7 years ago and since then not really bothered with consoles but I am actually really excited about getting an Xbox series S.