Gotta be done . Favourite Terry Hall song!!!


I'll start . He never sang much in it .. more backing vocals but . The specials .. Why!!!. B side of niteklub. Love Do nothing and rat race also and a big shout out to Ghost Town , which could easily be rereleased nowadays with the state we all living in . Fun boy 3 gotta be tunnel of love and our lips are sealed. Then latterly The colourfield .. castle's in the air and for me "thinking of you ". He sang in such a laid back .. cant be arsed way but the lyrics he sang meant so much to all of us no matter what creed or colour
FFS I was just looking up his songs to see what three I would pick and didnt know he had died. I am absolutely shocked and gutted.
Gutted too mate . 63 Yr old . No age . He did live the "Rock and roll" lifestyle like for a good while like . He got 12 yrs on me . Makes me think I need to start reigning it in . Might feel good now but obviously catches up with u b4 u know it
On another note I would pick these three songs as an example of his music but I have almost everything he released.

Vegas (Terry Hall & Dave Stewart) - Possessed

Thank u for this arsed . Never ever heard it . I lost touch after colourfield when I got big into a different genre of music . I actually thought he just layed low and did private gigs . Teaming up with Dave Stewart is just majestic . 2 unreal musicians at the top of their game but in least fashion with the the music tastes of the youth at the time . Was never gonna be "out there" and unless for u I would never of ever known this existed . Thank u once again mate
Bloody hell loving this thread . I thought I knew everything about Terry haha . Brilliant to hear these songs. Must've been in 90s or later when I lost touch and joined the rave culture . Just love his melancholic tone although he sounds a bit happier in this song haha
I reckon I haven't listened to that track for 20 years. It just popped back into my head when I saw this thread.
How do we share youtube videos on here . I'm sure once u go over 50 you lose all your previous techy sav haha
Click the share arrow button thing in YouTube and select copy link.
Then in fmttm click the three little dots next to the little picture, then pick the one thats like 2 pictures and paste the link you copied. 👍