Goalscrounger's 30 Day Music Challenge - Day 29 - Wednesday 13th May - A Song Inspired By A Historical Event


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Derek Bently was hung for killing a policeman, though it was Chris Craig who pulled the trigger, because Bently said 'let him have it, Chris', but whether he meant shoot or give him the gun was very controversial.

I had this lined up to post if it wasn't covered by the time I'd caught up adding everything to the playlist!


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A song about the terrible Boxing Day tsunami that devastated coastal areas of Sumatra, Thailand and many other places in 2004. The worst hit place in Thailand was Khao Lak, a place I visited a few years ago. It's very hard to imagine what must have happened there as the place is totally rebuilt (although there is a marooned police boat nearly half a mile inland that has been left as a memorial to the dead).


Jean Charles de Menezes was a Brazilian man shot and killed at Stockwell tube station on the London Underground by the London Metropolitan police, after he was misidentified as one of the fugitives involved in the previous day's failed bombing attempts. The tragic event happened on July 22, 2005
Loraine Whiting made a 999 call after being shot by her estranged husband Leonard Carter in Sittingbourne, Kent. While Mrs Whiting, 49, was on the line to emergency operators, Carter shot her again before shooting himself through the head.

A transcript of the 999 call shows Mrs Whiting saying 30 times that her husband was dead and pleading for help.

An ambulance reached the scene within seven minutes of her call, but police stayed outside the house fearing that the gunman could be alive and open fire on them and paramedics if they entered
She bled to death.