Goal of the Decade (3 years ago)

Leadbitter looks so annoyed with that goal. He wanted to pass it, ends up choosing to shoot out of sheer frustration that there's no other option, then walks off in a huff.

IIRC, they started the Goal of the Decade vote before the WBA game, and had to scrap it and relaunch it when Fletcher scored that screamer with pretty much the last kick of the decade.
If goal of the decade was measured by my head coming off completely and screaming like a fecking nut job then Forshaw's utterly farcical last minute winner against Reading wins hands down.
The Wing goal v Palace always makes me chuckle.

After Wing scores, the ball bounces out the net, and from about 6 yards out, Hugill smashes it, and he blazes it right over the bar into the South Stand.
Yesterday, I found myself rewinding Wing's goal to watch that part again.