Gary Neville was offered interview at Boro

That would have been good
Re written history and we wouldn’t have been in the Prem

We’d be happier with our lot now 😂
Wasn't there a time when Neville and another United player were linked with the job when Southgate was sacked?

Feel like it was Neville and Scholes or something.
can't watch at the moment - can anyone summarise what he said about it?

That's the extent of it. He was offered an interview during the early years of his punditry and before Valencia. If you work it backwards it was when we sacked Mowbray and hired Karanka. He was also offered interviews at Newcastle and Derby but didn't fancy management.
You never know, his managerial career might have panned out entirely differently if he'd started at a club where he spoke the language and had a better understanding of the culture.

That Valencia job scarred him.
Definitely would have been a better place for him, we had very good players at that time and Gibson was spending money.
He says himself he never wanted to be a manager and only took the Valencia job because he felt he owed it to the owner for the things he had done for him in his business investments. Even if he had taken the interview, we may still have ended up with Karanka or whoever else he was up against.
I’d love to see Carrick on Stick to Football once the season is finished.
I think he’s a bit too guarded to go on there tbh. I’ve listened to his Big Interview with Graham Hunter a couple of times and he gives precious little away. Understandably so I suppose. He’s not like a gobshite like Rio with little to lose, or someone with Rooney’s clout to say pretty much what he likes. I love the bloke but it’s the reason I haven’t read his autobiography. It’d be like reading a book of beige wallpaper samples. It’s one of the things I really like about him. He keeps his business to himself. It’s refreshing in this age of narcissistic coaching gurus and turbo-charged uber-pundits.
All the ex players who love the sound of their own voice rarely make good managers….unsurprisingly
Do people think they love the sound of their own voice because they work in the media and are paid to have strong opinions? If they sat on the fence and just communicated what was happening on screen, the audience would be less engaged. I don’t think this has any link to how good they are at management. I dare say most of the great managers could be described this way. Ferguson, Mourinho, Guardiola, Klopp and Clough certainly like to say their piece. It’s just that they get more respect and working in the media more often means less capable managers get more screen time.