Forss medical ongoing now


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He’s had a medical, surely announced tomorrow
You'd like to think so but it doesn't always work out like that. Deals can collapse at the last minute mate. I try not to get too excited until I know that it's really gone through.
Is the medical still on-going?

We are due a success in the transfer market with a striker TBF

The last 3 dozen we have signed have all been rank - you could write a guide on how not to sign strikers based on our record in the last 15 years, and the one decent striker
We did sign, played him on the wing and got rid of him and he scored 500 goals up front after he left just to rub salt in the wounds
Bamford or Stuani?


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I've said in previous threads the fact we play two up front means we can fish in a slightly different and less competitive market than most clubs. Most are looking for someone capable of leading the line alone.

I'd also be looking at Billy Sharp as someone whose primary asset was his finishing and who absolutely thrived under Wilder. Obviously Sharp was (indeed is) a very clever, very experienced player but if I was Forss I'd be looking at Sharp as someone to try and emulate.

Alexander Supertramp

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2 up top also means you can try and find the right blend to cover each players weaknesses, rather than trying to find a “complete” number 9.

Sounds like Forss could do well alongside a McGoldrick type


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It sounds like they have added a load of add ons. I imagine at that price more than a few. That's fair enough. You don't mind paying them as it means he's done well (like Spence).
Yup I hope the add ons end up costing us a fortune.


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My Brentford supporting mate, Paul said

'Just having this discussion with my other Boro supporting friend. He's a great finisher but needs a supply line. He won't create and finish often. But you created loads of chances last year so if you can do the same this he will get 20 goals +'


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Anyone know why (at least looking at the stats) he flopped at Hull? Is it just because they were a bit crap? Except when they played us and we made them look like 1995 Ajax of course.


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I Can't remember the last time that a stiker came here and actually thrived. Bamford perhaps? Anyway, onwards. Hopefully he sticks the ball in the net for us at least 10 times this season.


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Hope it goes through OK.
I would be really excited if we could get Armstrong. I could just see him banging loads in for us.