Fmttm Issue 619 Now On Sale


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I will be selling some copies at Base Camp and then outside the Riverside tomorrow.
Otherwise you can buy it here - UK ONLY please.
I think the beauty of a fanzine at times like these are the differing views of fans are reflected within in an unfiltered way.


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And hoof to this.
Fanzines on sale near the ground today, as well as at Base Camp.
And you buy them online. See above.

What's inside? Lots of debate from different fans about the current state of Boro. Also lots of debate about the State now controlling Newcastle. We also have a really interesting and emotional piece by Boro blogger about the pluses and minuses of social media and the part it can and does play in mental health. In the week we saw the documentary around Paul Merson's battles with addictions - Matt Smith has done some research on gambling in football, almost blanket sponsorship and advertising.
70s BC looks at the McIlmoyle match and the scoring exploits of Stan Anderson buy Joe Laidlaw. And of course BIg John Hickton, in a season long ago in Second Division Boro-dom.
All this, Roofus, Jack cartoons, Unpleasant Feelings (String Theory), Donkeywatch, Peterborough in the Red, Football Unfocused (Speckyget back again) and much, much more. £1.50.. a steal!
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