Film - Nope


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The very genre of this film - a neo-Western science fiction horror film - would ensure my absence from the viewing figures.


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I quite enjoyed it. Wasn't what I expected, but then didn't know what I expected. It did seem to try too hard at times.


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I enjoyed it.
I watched it without knowing anything about it, other than that I'm a fan of Peele's stuff. It was very different to his other films (although with some slight similarities) and didn't go in the direction I expected 👍


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Saw it a few weeks ago and thought it was very good. The trailers that were shown for months at cinema gave a slightly false impression (to me) of what to expect. It is a bit off the wall, bit of a cross between tremors and close encounters as the type of film to expect (not saying it is as good as either of those)

But hey ho - each to their own.