Favourite bands.....


They're all still alive and making music, but they haven't been in the same room since 1994 and have no interest in doing so.

I worked with Roger and Eric when hey were Imperial Drag (mid-90s). I thought they were pretty good. Did the video for "Boy or a Girl" and had a blast with them. The record company thought they'd be huge. They weren't.
Queen and Nirvana.

I did see Linkin Park twice but gutted I’ll never get to see the original line up with Chester again as well.
The Style Council (although still technically possible I dont think it will happen)
Suede (With Bernard, ditto)
Springsteen with the original E Street Band
Not a band, but Kirsty MacColl
Janes Addiction (I know they're all back together and touring, but I dont believe Dave Navarro is touring with them, and Perry has descended into some strange plastic enhanced thing , so still undecided whether to go)
The Smiths