FA Cup replays scrapped.

Matters were very different 50 years ago.

An FA Cup fourth qualifying round tie between Oxford City of the Isthmian League and Alvechurch of the Midland Combination went to no fewer than five replays. It is still listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest FA Cup tie on record.
They haven't got a clue or just greedy - scraping the replay was particularly important for smaller teams - say getting a home draw with say Man United and replay at Old Trafford.

When they say more money for the pyramid - how much more per club - £1,000 per club or £10,000 or £100,000 say for a Div2 club? out of their £6,700 million per season.
So does that mean the lower teer football clubs don't get a chance of important revenue from the big time Charlies on a replay.

I guess they will always have the option to switch from it being a home tie to the away venue if they draw a big club like Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool or Hull City?
It also gives them a better chance of knocking out a big team so depends which way you look at it

A much better chance.

The only real argument for replays were finances and tradition.

Small clubs can and will still draw big teams.
It also sounds like they've scrapped the mid-season break in the Premier League and will be starting the season later from now on.
Worth adding that when the Premier League talks of ‘grassroots football’ it means from the Championship down, not your National Leagues and amateur levels.

It’s a terrible day for English football. Once again the whole structure is altered to accommodate the same handful of clubs at the top. The FA is supposed to look after the thousands of football clubs that play in this country, not pander to the Premier League. It makes you sick.
Ah, so the end of the "money spinning replay away from home" for the small clubs.

I hope that the deal they have made is worth their while.
You know there's a very simple solution to this, but no-one wants to kill the goose that lays golden eggs.

There's (in my opinion) just too many games to be squeezed into too short a time.

Reduce the Premiership to 18 teams. Reduce the Championship, Division One, Division Two to 22 each. To soften the blow, add 14 from the Conference to the eight displaced for Division Three.

It's ridiculous that the Football league MUST finish in the first week of May as well, presumably to accommodate the play-offs, and that the Conference finishes this weekend - we're not even out of April! But I guess that's another issue.
You know there's a very simple solution to this, but no-one wants to kill the goose that lays golden eggs.

I'd prefer to slim down the European competitions.

Let's go back to straight knock out: instead of clubs playing 6 matches in a group stage to eliminate half the teams, let's make them just play 2.

Or would that make cash flow too unpredictable?