FA - £300m losses - 124 jobs going from Pandemic Impact


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"Covid-19 has had a significant impact on The FA and we now have a greater understanding of the long-term and irreversible effect of the pandemic on our finances."
They are reckoning on losing £300m and that means 124 jobs being made redundant and loads of activities cut back.
This will impact on all levels of football - but will surely hurt most at grass roots and then EFL.
The word irreversible is very ominous indeed.
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You cannot be sure of that though. A lot of the FA focus is at grass roots level now - the Premier League tends to be in charge of everything at the top level - but the Premier has a very small staff and small premises as well.
I would have thought that Football Foundation funding would take a real hit. If you look at Teesside - there was a £1/2 million grant in 2015 allowing 3G floodlit pitches at Eston - MFC Foundation were behind that with Redcar and Cleveland Council.
There have been several other significant recipients in deprived areas of Teesside - Whinney Banks- Redcar Athletic spring to mind. The people who need it most could be hit hardest again.


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How many people work full time for the FA?

I would have thought its in the high hundreds, but by the number of job cuts it must by over 1000.

I always thought a lot of people near the bottom are volunteers or work part time.
The £300 million loses is bound to really impact at every level below Premier. They will be fine but I wonder if EFL, non league and Teesside Junior Football Alliance and the like might find it a long wait for any grants etc. All those schemes providing all weather pitches and training schemes for inner city kids and the like. Combine that with Heritage Lottery rightly redirecting all funds to support existing schemes. It be a long time before we see any much needed new initiatives.
There will not be £300m worth of Fat Cats - it isn't the Premier League.
The article details major losses of revenue from Wembley Stadium for live concerts as well as football. FA Cup semi finals, final, play off finals, internationals and all the merch and food and beer that goes with that too.