Do many other posters ‘ignore’ people on here?


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To be honest I wish a few more people would use ignore rather than continually argue.

I've only ever put two people on ignore and they'll stay there (I think one has been banned judging by his profile).

I try to respond to all points raised in response to my posts in political threads but one person always tries to derail discussions and it's a lot easier to ignore than waste time responding to someone that isn't actually interested.

Outside of the politics/brexit/covid I really don't mind and I wouldn't block anyone for football differences (well, maybe a Mackem).

The obviously daft/parody/comedy accounts can be ignored in the good old fashion if they become tedious.


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Yeah a few who have contributed to this apparently. Bizarrely still tells you someone you ignore has posted something 🤪


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I only ignore one person and no, Mike Hind isn't a member as far as I know. :ROFLMAO:

I like debate, and get used to having debates with people I profoundly disagree with, and that's only the people in my party :D

But the person I have on ignore, is just a one trick pony, and his interests thankfully are not mine, hence the ignore.


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I would but I've blocked you mate so no idea what you've said 😉
Brilliant! 😄
I would but I've blocked you mate so no idea what you've said 😉
Brilliant 😁. Top darts Sir!

Oh and BTW Rob, it's taken me ages on an Android mobile to reply in this thread. I kept getting error messages. Rob don't believe the words of the 'American man from Google'. He's probably a Mackem who wants to sh!te on this place.


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I don't block anyone it feels a bit undemocratic and discrimitary but would not completely rule it out. However some of the non football stuff can get a bit fraught. The question of membership of the EU is extremely divisive in the UK and this board can feel like the frontline of the Somme at times with most posters becoming pretty tribal. But some other non football topics have become heated too on such quite mundane topics such as electric vehicles.

I have made posts where I think posters have crossed over into more personal criticism insults opposed to criticism of an argument(s). In some way the board is reflecting what is going on in wider society.

Possibly we should have just a football board and a non football board. Some posters have possibly wisely avoided threads that are likely to become a bit toxic. It can become a bit draining and psychogically straining to deal with a poster(s) that seems determined to have a heated verbal battle over every little detail.

Like a lot of electronic written communication there can be genuine misunderstandings which can quickly flair up if tolerance of others is low. There is no non verbal cue and clues on FMTTM.

On the positive there are a lot of intelligent people on this board and many of us have shared experiences and interests. I find there are more good experiences than bad. I have laughed out loud a number of times and there are people who know plenty that I don't.
Top post. Sums up the general feeling of the board sometimes and the ignore function.


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Totally agree that a dislike button would be better than the ignore function, someone on here that may bang on about Brexit for example may have interesting input about F1 for example, then they could disagree with your opinion on say the Brexit subject with a thumbs down, rather than calling you a nutter, then give you a thumbs up on a view on F1 😏
after all we are all adults, ignore function is a bit petty in my opinion.
we all have a difference of opinion that should be respected rather than argued against.
But if you know shaft all about a subject, just skip by, rather than giving an uneducated response.


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Just the one on ignore. Yeah, the same one as everyone else.

Looked through my profile and noticed there's a 'follow' button also.

Never knew it existed. But probably won't use it anyway.


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I think one of the big factors with this place is (I assume) most of us don’t know each other. So it can be easier to go in two footed on someone who posts something you take issue with that you’re unlikely to meet.

That said, the first messageboard I started to post on regularly was a busy NE based dance music forum around a certain night/venue. I was in my early 20s and I could be a right argumentative get on there - the difference to here being that often a poster I was having a barney with during the week would come up to me in the club and we’d laugh it off and get along, this happened a lot and I still have good mates from that place I met through the board.

Eventually I grew out of the novelty of online arguments as they are often pointless (I add, I wasn’t trolling, I would genuinely get into daft arguments probably mostly about north east stuff), and that messageboard gradually emptied as people moved on (it’s still going but with barely any posts). I just learned to not be bothered if a post got my back up, but it does take a mentality change. I can still be a bit grumpy and have a debate, but I try to be civil and avoid if I think it might take an overly negative turn - it’s usually not worth the effort to fight online. I think if we were all bumping into each other then some people might control their outbursts a bit as I see some topics get a bit heated.

I think it’s usually best to skip over posts rather than ignore, unless it’s impacting mental health, but sometimes it’s easier to ignore a poster if their spammy contributions do yer head in 😂

Ex Footy Legs

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If I was going to put every poster who I've ever disagreed with on ignore then it would be just be me and about half a dozen people talking to each other.
Exactly, this board has a vanilla taste to it a lot of the time for me. (Basically a number of posters are a tad boring)
It’s nice to have some neopolitian (that’s for the older generation to get that joke) brought to the table.
I imagine the posters who post inane threads are west stand sth who wouldn’t dream of singing boro songs….
I’m nearly out of my skin when boro score. Pure passion and that’s shown through on my posts. Don’t care who disagrees but if you raise a good challenge I’ll listen and reflect 👌

But disappointed not to get a mention on here as someone on an ignore list.
Note to self; must try harder. 😊
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Reading between the lines ST must be talking to himself these days. :oops:
I've got no problem with Smalltown. Sometimes he maybe argues his corner a little too vehemently, digging his heels in, but I've never fallen out with him on here. I think sometimes people see his name and think, "Oh it's him!" and whether consciously or not, end up playing the man and not the ball.


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Couldn’t you just not answer their post rather than put them on some ignore list ?
im sure they would get sick and just move along.

seems strange that some might post to just cause chew or similar, some of the football knowledge from some in here is fantastic and great to read 👍🏻
Depends how obsessive they are. I've had someone on my ignore list for over a year and they still try and respond to my posts.