Djed Spence


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Wish he had the courage to take players on like Jones doe
Very few players in the modern game do that. It's a bit of an unfair criticism of Djed who IMO had a very good game. Watch our first goal, it is Djed making the run to the near post before Uche sticks it in at the far post. He had a decent shot that went straight at the keeper (which from memory was taken on with his "wrong foot"?) and got into the box several times in the game. Him and Anfernee worked well down the right supporting each other.


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Very strong performance today - worked his socks off back and forward - 7.5 or 8 out of 10 for me


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I can't believe it took so long for someone to start thread about him.

Looked interested from start to finish, no Fancy Dan stuff, competed for every ball, a credit to his profession basically.


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He seemed to want the ball more yesterday and it looked like he knew what he was going to do with it once he got it. Part of the problem last season was in his indecision, he was like should I run with it, should I pass it sideways should I try and cross or pass it backwards etc, it was that telegraphed the defender would know what he was going to do before he did.

massive improvement yesterday hope he can keep it up.


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Really liked the Spence Djiksteel partnership they are both outstanding athletes and as a pair they make a strong right side.
There was a time in the second half when Paddy was struggling to keep up with one of their midfielders and Djed just breezed past both of them and cleared the ball.
Big improvement on last year!


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It appears that he was one of the ones who got a rocket after the Blackpool game. The gaffer said he'd 'had a word' and his training had been good since.

It's not the first time that he's said 'he can be anything he wants to be' type statement (also heard similier when he played for Fulham). So he clearly has a few issues in terms of following instructions or maybe motivation.

I have no doubt that we would sell if any of the reputed prem interest and frees reported are real.

I'm still not overly convinced. It's a shame as he's got a lot of traits you want in a modern footballer. Quick and athletic. Just maybe lacks a footballing brain/desire that I guess you can't coach. That said it's not like we are stacked in any position. We can't let him go unless he's replaced and if he stays then it's on him to impress.


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Maybe the penny has started to drop? Maybe he's decided he wants to be a winger, he seemed to enjoy himself a hell of a lot more


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I criticised him in an earlier post but one thing I will say is he arrived in the box on multiple occasions whereas previous seasons you'd wonder where he was when it was being whipped in. Showed good desire get back and forth.