Different team completely next season?


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If we do spend "big" on a striker I hope that some thought is given on the system we play and that he compliments that system. This has been the biggest issue recently.
I was very impressed with Viktor Gyokeres of Coventry ,good new goalie should 30 years plus , chase Lumley and Daniels , this would give Brynn or Hemmings a chance to progess . Bamba amazes me , he has been so good , but would he last another season? Scott could be the most important man at the the club as we can't afford anymore mistakes . Recruitment is key !

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Loans ending
Out of contract
Howson- new deal
Taylor-release and get younger in
Peltier- release and get younger in
Bamba - release and get younger in
Hall- move him on
Daniels or Brynn must get a chance after Joe Clumsys latest performance.
10 out 10 in , some big work to do for the recruitment team , lets hope they find better forwards next time , and proper 1st choice keeper .


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If we don't make it this season, I want next season to have 2 main strikers that will play 90% of games, excluding injuries.

Chopping and changing strikers will never build consistency or partnerships, most teams that do well in this division have a settled first 11, we don't and have struggled to score goals as a result.

I'd just like for one season to be able to know what our strongest 11 is.


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Cameron Archer is one I would like to see us get. Doubt Villa will sell him. Doing his thing at Preston presently. Would be a very useful acquisition on loan