Dave Myers Hairy Biker RIP

I thought he looked really thin on the knorr advert. Presumed he had been on a diet. Didn't know he had been unwell. RIP
The first episode of the latest season where they got back together on the Isle of Bute was very poignant, the sheer joy of being able to enjoy the outdoors again with your best mate was clear to see.

This has made me quite emotional, probably because it's the anniversary tomorrow(9 years) since I lost my brother to cancer at 53. Awful, awful disease.

RIP Dave
That is so sad, he had a lovely way about him and made everything look so simple. He had a lovely outlook on life and no doubt will be sadly missed by his family and viewers. I feel Yearby summed up his relationship with Si nicely.

It's funny, I had never met him but always felt I knew him.

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I don't often watch cooking shows, but saw this show just last night where they were eating dirty chilli chips in Liverpool and Scallops in West Kirby. It was very watchable and the passion of the two guys for their subject was a pleasure to see.

I though that he looked unwell. Sad news.
Awful news. I thought he was on the mend.

One of my favourite tv chef double acts. The cooking is usually 'wholesome'. The type of things we can all do at home.

They just seem genuinely good blokes. The tv program was more about them getting around and meeting people. That and showcasing local food etc. The actual cooking almost came second.