Darren Randolph


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Allegations made by a former partner with pictures of the state she claimed he left her in. If her allegations were true then the club didn't come out of it very well either.

I imagine it was a big reason why the club didn't try to keep him.


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Was hot news for a time but think he paid for it all to go away. She was posting screenshots from the club, pics of blood and bruises, hospital notes etc. club basically told her to pack in and helps brush under the carpet, looks like it's been scrubbed from all existence in Twitter etc - guessing a few cease and desists went out


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Top keeper is Darren. Won us so many points in his last season. But he believes he’s good enough to be in the Prem. And I tend to agree. I guess a run of games at Bournemouth will show if he is.I played academy level as a keeper and he is extremely good.


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He should have been for £5m.

No faulting Randolph's performances when he was here, but we paid a huge fee for his services as a Championship club.
Steffen should be for 80 grand a week (hopefully we're paying a relatively small contribution towards that).