Cult Heroes


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Fabrizio Ravanelli?
Bernie Slaven?
Uwe Fuchs?

My son bought me a Chuba Akpom t-shirt for my birthday and I was over the moon!!

The story of redemption, the underdog, coming in from out of the cold.. this has the makings of a Hollywood movie!

Our number 29 has officially hit cult status, he’s the player all the kids pretend to be on the schoolyard and he’s on his way to legend status!
who would've thought this would happen. Class.


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We might refuse to admit this because of his exit and subsequent last 6 months but....

Gaston. For those first 6 months when he dragged us over the line with his skill and ability to produce something out of nothing he was a god. First 6 months in the Prem were good to.


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Gaston and Merson spring to mind, both mavericks who dragged this club to another level. Just a shame how they left.