Coventry vs Rotherham - postponed


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The pitch was supposed to have been relaid before the games but it never happened. Wasps play on it, too, of course, so its a pitch that gets a hammering.


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Not their fault it’s the rugby sevens playex on it for the commonwealth games.
Do they not have an agreement with the EFL, which they’ve failed to uphold? Whatever agreements they have with Wasps and the commonwealth games is pretty much irrelevant. They should be able to provide a suitable playing surface. If they cant then they are in breach of their agreement with the EFL. Questions should certainly be asked, I know they would if it was us.


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I remember a home game against Coventry before we had under soil heating in the late 90s/early00s Someone forgot to put the cover over the pitch to stop the pitch freezing mid winter.

Just an unfortunate coincidence that we had several first teamers out injured at the time.

Edit found the link… gosh 1999, I’m getting old.



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I was thinking just that when I was watching the highlights the other day, the pitch looked terrible


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Surely they could have anticipated this and organised fixtures like our Mackem chums up the road.

When Sunderland put on quite a lot of summer stadium concerts during a pre-season period, they've played their first few games away so that the pitch can be in good condition for the rest of the season.


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You have to remember that Coventry are the tenants at Ricoh. It's wasps stadium now so not sure how the club can be blamed. CCFC didn't allow the rugby 7s to be played there.

They should have alerted the EFL and arranged fixtures accordingly.


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Sky Blues talk in meltdown over this understandably
They've got another game on Wednesday and it isn't going to be any better by then.

Wasps / stadium are already in serious financial trouble and this could tip them over the edge as assume their tenant won't be paying them for a while and also be looking for compensation etc.
Puts both clubs into significant trouble.


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Knew that 7 days ago. I went to the rugby on Saturday and Sunday. It was obvious that you couldn't play a football match at Championship standard. The ploughed field that l left last Sunday night needed a huge amount of work on it if not a complete relay.
Wonder what it's going to be like after a few Wasps ganes