Coulson on BBC tv tonight Darvel v Aberdeen 7.45


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Hes generally done quite well for the Dons.
Appears from his Managers comments he might be looking to make the deal permenant (y)


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Darvel (population 3900) winning 1-0 at HT. West of Scotland League Premier Division team looking good!


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Goodwin is probably on the verge of getting sacked.

Losing to a team from a town of less than 4,000, arguably the biggest upset in Scottish Cup history.


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I don't think the SPL is anywhre near the EPL. More like English Division 1 mid table.

Kilmarnock were beaten by Connors Quay in a European UEFA Cup match a s few years ago. Connors Quay are a village team from North Wales.


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Coulson has no chance of coming back to Boro - he is completely clueless when it comes to defending and he's not good enough to play as an out and out winger

The SPL is about his level TBH, or the middle of league 1, and his position, probbaly better off as a wingback rather than a full back

That defeat was disgraceful really, your talking about a village pub side , the goalscorer has to go back to work at 6am for his day job stacking shelves


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It's a strange one up here in Scotland. Aberdeen basically got beat by a team that play at the level I used to play at and for most of it were outplayed.

Strange thing about West Coast Junior football is that they get paid more than SPFL players a lot of the time. Its often more lucrative for a player to play Junior than League 1 or 2 and their crowds are certainly bigger.

I'd compare this to an average League one side getting beat by an in form Northern Premier side. Like Fleetwood losing to South Shields.

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Amazing story listening to their manager earlier on talk sport and seeing the twin on bbc news what a fantastic story and it just some times dreams do come true.