Coronavirus in Spain (late Feb 21 onwards) - thread for the latest (3rd?) wave here - starting with a glimmer of good news


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From Facebook yesterday - Spanish ministry for health announces that over 1 million AstraZeneca doses should arrive today - this will be the first time that Spain has received more than 2 million doses in a week

As usual, none of them from the UK production facilities. Even though more than 20 million vaccines have gone the other way so far.


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AstraZeneca suspended temporarily for people under 60 in Spain

Google translation:

The AstraZeneca vaccine in Spain: now only for people over 60 years old

The decision is made after finding the EMA a “possible link” between the vaccine and cases of thrombi

New setback for AstraZeneca: the Ministry of Health has proposed to the autonomous communities, during the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System held this Wednesday afternoon, to temporarily suspend vaccination in those under 60 years of age, according to Europa Press picking up knowledgeable sources from the meeting. A decision that comes hours after the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has seen a "possible relationship" between this vaccine and blood clots with low levels of platelets.

Although the EMA has only indicated that these adverse events should be on the list of "very rare" side effects of the vaccine, and that "the benefits outweigh the risks", several countries are betting on temporarily suspending vaccination with this formula . This is the case of Spain, which will only leave it for those who are over 60 years old. "With the information available to date, and as a precautionary principle, it is recommended to use the Vaxzevria vaccine [as it is now known] in people over 60 years of age", Health has confirmed according to the newspaper 'El País '.

In this way, in our country, for now, the AstraZeneca formula will only continue to be used for those between 60 and 65 years old, since the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are used for the higher groups.

This Wednesday, Castilla y León has decided the precautionary suspension of vaccination against the coronavirus with AstraZeneca, collects Europa Press. A circumstance that affects different mass vaccinations that were scheduled in the community and that were to use the formula of the Anglo-Swedish company.

For its part, the European Medicines Agency has wanted to leave countries the responsibility of restricting or not the use of this vaccine in certain age groups, such as Germany, the Netherlands or Estonia, which have limited its administration to people over 60 years of age , as Spain has done now. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom, through its Regulatory Agency for Medicines and Health Products, has stated that "an alternative drug" should be offered to those under 30 years of age.


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Almería province giving AZ jabs to 62 year olds next week

As you probably know Spain is giving AstraZeneca vaccines to people in the age range from 65 to 60. Working downwards through the age group in the general public. I can speak from personal experience now. I know that they will have reached the 62 year olds next week in the province of Almería.

Also, they have started to use local medical centres as well as (or instead of) the El Ejido Market car park area. As I will be going to Santa María del Águila for my jab next week.


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..1 million AstraZeneca doses should arrive today.. "As usual, none of them from the UK production facilities. Even though more than 20 million vaccines have gone the other way so far." [ 10.9m from production facilities within the EU (not from the EU) ]

Rather than looking to the UK.. the EU's vaccination problem is ALL of its own making:

..Again, Britain acted more quickly, buying its Pfizer-BioNTech doses in July. Pfizer offered the EU 500 million doses the same month – but Brussels turned the proposal down, deeming it too expensive, according to an internal EU document seen by Reuters.

“The commission decided to aggrandise its competence and it wasn’t up to the job – it didn’t have the right people or the right skills,” he continued.

This one has personality:

this one is a far more in-depth & scientific read : the EU,and longer-term research facilities.


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Had my first AstraZeneca jab today on Tuesday 13 April 2021.

Tuesday the 13th is supposed to be an unlucky day in Spain. Similar to Friday the 13th in the UK.

I was vaccinated in consulting room number 13.

My second jab is scheduled for 13 weeks time, again on Tuesday the 13th in consulting room 13.