contactless payments on cards

probably been massive in reducing the spread from both the touching of keypad and using cash instead point of view, weve just been emailed that limit is going up to £45 from £30

as a recent convert who thought contact was a bad idea because of fraud but got used to using contactless i can only say im pleased i was wrong
its a compromise, ive seen fraud committed on stolen cards, my son had his used last year however the bank fully reimbursed him, increasing the limit make the cards more desirable but in todays climate its pretty much priceless


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2 years ago the banks said they would raise it to £50, then it went quiet - £45 is near enough and as you say anything that linits contact is good.
You can use it for any amount if you pay via apple pay, not sure samsungpay and other methods, however the terminal must be configured to accept it - Tesco for example push their own mobile payment app and so dont accept it and the contactless logo doesnt even appear, however I've put many large transactions in the £££/££££ range on contactless with apple pay.


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i do my Sainsburys shopping with my phone tap. They still had the £30 limit. I simply bag up £30 worth keeping check on tv he screen, pay and then bag another from the trolley at self check out. Had no problem doing that.


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Restaurants don't need to abide to the £30 limit. However if never met a restaurateur who knows this.
Have you got a link to that, as never heard of this? my understanding (from working for 2 banks) is its down to POS merchant terminal configuration as i believe the retailer has to accept the fraud if they take the limit away, hence why they are happier to do so if they have a secure form of identification (e.g fingerprint or faceID) so not sure why restaurants would be exempt a that would leave them open to a lot of fraud. They also need a merchant terminal capable of limitless so if they have an older one, they might not have the option even. Tried googling but cant see anything about it?


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was Someone at work told me. Hang on I’ll ask them their source.
I’ve asked in a few restaurants and yeah, no one seems to know about it.


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Only via secure payment methods Uncle Rico. They will never make it unlimited for normal transactions, because it is so much easier to defraud as you dont need a pin. Thats how apple pay etc gets around the limit, because certification is being done that the cardholder is agreeing to the transaction. Otherwise imagine someone doing off with your wallet and buying a n OLED TV on contactless.