Climate Change, where are you on this scale?

Where are you on the scale?

  • A

    Votes: 3 2.2%
  • B

    Votes: 20 14.5%
  • C

    Votes: 37 26.8%
  • D

    Votes: 43 31.2%
  • E

    Votes: 10 7.2%
  • 1

    Votes: 2 1.4%
  • 2

    Votes: 8 5.8%
  • 3

    Votes: 14 10.1%
  • 4

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 5

    Votes: 1 0.7%

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Taking a view of whats the point if is silly. You effect change by behaviour and it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone in those countries doesn't give a toss about the climate either.

Also, as a consumer, stop buying that cheap **** from China if you want to help effect change. Every little bit helps.
That gets thrown at us time and time again doesn’t it?
‘We can do nowt cos China are the big culprits’

China are fuelling the obscene consumerism of us
I'm not sure about the politics, I don't really know the ins and outs of it all but what I will say is we clearly don't have proper winters anymore and to be fair it's certainly alot warmer now that I've known it in my life time and I'm 47.
F. It's happening and there's no way that the international community will act in a coordinated collaborative manner rather than pursue short term self interest. So better to spend our time and money on mitigating the consequences.
Ummed and ahhed and went with D but could have been C or E depending on what/who I've been reading.

There is hope around technology solutions but the scale required means that governments need to act together and that's the bit I think we'll struggle with.

The problem will come if we hit a tipping point where the feedback cycle takes things away from us (assuming we haven't already). Then the issue will be how you deal with the devastation etc. If people are bothered about immigration now then you'd think they'd be right behind the climate message.
There is an alternative guys....if yoos are prepared to do something about this 🙏

You might as well forget about the Tory's and Labour don't have any tangible green policies...

Probably C, but hedging my bets, I have a bought a share in a boat that I can live on.
I dont think the worst will happen in my lifetime, but I worry for the kids.
Not sure where I sit. I am concerned, rather than alarmed but I'm also skeptical that we will achieve anything by doing the small things here in the UK.

I see the small differences we do like recycling, solar and EVs as a bit like saving for a house deposit by picking up coins in the street. After a year of picking up coins you have about £4.57 but house prices have inflated by 10% and you're further away.

There needs to be much bigger things happening globally to make a difference and that might be technological solutions and that's not something that we will really have much effect on here in the UK.

Hence concerned but skeptical.
I’m somewhere in between C-B due in part because I can see a lot of great things happening on the planet that will go a long way to helping us clean things up but also a lot of push back by so called all green political leaders.

The great efforts are mostly from privately funded efforts such as Hydrogen projects which will help

Not too mention the huge projects underway with NEOM, and the many projects underway in many other parts of the world.

China is also dumping a lot of effort into green energy projects but perhaps many of their projects are compromised by an escalation in coal-fired power stations, we can include Germany that equation who have missed their targets in 2022 which they originally set in 2020.

So while I’m well aware of the problem I don’t see enough effort by those governments who set the policies for everyone else to follow. We all want a cleaner future for everyone but can that dream be realized by privately funded energy projects which will probably need more funding to make them sustainable.
I'm C.
The previous government of Thailand try to invest in clean energy.
And I completely agree. But many Thai people think that this is the cause of higher electricity prices.
Personally, I think I'd rather pay the higher price. To make the overall environment of the world better.
But it will be there. The person who keeps fighting just because they want to find popularity votes from people who don't want to pay high electricity bills.
I think the reason that will make the global environment worse It comes from the selfishness of most people.
I’m astonished that at the time of typing this, there are 10 users of this board who are stupid enough to believe it’s 3. Misinformation pumped out by big fossil fuel and aided by their RW media chums like the Daily Mail, undermines the effort to act at every turn.
It's D for Dinsdale of course...
But that's only cos I'm feeling optimistic today.
I think that all our leaders around the world, who, let's face it, should know far more about the situation than us, know that we re indeed fugged and it's far too late. They are merely keeping us occupied until they build their giant space ship to take them off to the new planet that's been discovered and kept secret (with a transit through the massive space station they've built on the dark side of the moon).
The tipping point will be 2028 when it become obvious to the rest of us too that it's totally irreversible due to all the cataclysmic events happening across the world then. They will then all take to the skies and leave us plebs behind, waving politely to us from their window seats as they watch the world die.
Now, I'm the only one that knows this so if you don't here from me again you know they know I'm on to them and I've probably disappeared with all traces of me wiped from existence - except, maybe, just maybe, a small footnote on a Boro message board.
Or was that just my pitch for a new sci fi series????
I highly recommend reading "Not the end of the world" by Hannah Ritchie, particularly if you picked D or E. It is written by an environmental data scientist who is also a climate activist. She examines the actual data for climate change and other environmental problem as opposed to extreme soundbites. It is like a modern day 'Factfulness' (highly recommend reading this as well if you have not heard of it).

I find it unbelievable that so many have chosen 1-5.
I’m astonished that at the time of typing this, there are 10 users of this board who are stupid enough to believe it’s 3. Misinformation pumped out by big fossil fuel and aided by their RW media chums like the Daily Mail, undermines the effort to act at every turn.
I can't see anyone who voted for 3. Or even any of the numbers.

None of those positions reflect my views. I am sure greenhouse gas emissions are hugely under-reported by governments. If that's the case then the scientific models that have been built are wrong. And as for retrospectively estimating ocean temperatures to fit the models - it's wrong.

So my position is that I believe neither scientists nor governments nor deniers nor activists.
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In all honesty I can't vote for any on the list. I could watch 10 different videos and get 10 different views on it, I could ask 100 people and get 100 different opinions on it and you could ask 1000 experts what the solutions are and get 1000 different answers.
I don't think the climate is normal and something is definitely changing. The extremes of the weather are what I notice the most.
I just don't know what is right and wrong in how to deal with it, I also think some are using it to gain political points and financial gain.
From a personal point of view all I can try do is to be as responsible as possible with recycling, conscious effort to reduce water use, use my car as little as possible, get energy efficient appliances when replacing old one it's probably not enough to make a difference but until a plan of action is put into place by world leaders and scientists and explained in a simple and precise way for idiots like me then all I can do is try to be more aware and make small changes where I can.