Cattermole and Agnew?


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Latest from where? Paper trash talk?

It's all media speculation at the moment. No one really knows what's happening - including the bookies.

I am glad to see we aren't rushing this process as this appointment is hugely important.


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Has to be internet 'pranksters' floating this guff. I'd sooner have Roary the Lion running the show than have Agnew in a senior coaching position.

The bottom line is only Kieran Scott and Steve Gibson know the direction we are heading. I hope they are doing some thorough investigation and due diligence and will show a bit more imagination than throwing the job to a current and an ex-Boro coach.
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This will be the straw then breaks the camels back if it happens.

Fans will turn in Gibson.

Madness sacking wilder if this happens.


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I could see this happening and I’m sure most folks thought of an Agnew connection when Steve Bruce got the boot from West Brom.

Trust is a big thing in this game, Wilder has left us in a dreadful position which makes us a less attractive option for a new manager to come in an prove his worth/make his name.

2ppg to get anywhere near the playoffs with a squad that has only shown half of that. That’s some magic wand to wave.. an interim set up until January perhaps? A deal to the end of the season with the only objective is Championship survival!,

We’ve got another big rebuild coming in the summer.. interesting to see where we are in January!!