Cameron Archer


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He had a really good game today and kept the back line nervous. Looking forward to see what else he can produce.

I did smile when Crooks came on and did his Messi-esque turn and then got tugged down by the defender. I thought to myself, if he's doing that, confidence is sky high and that can't be a bad thing.


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Well that was refreshing, someone with real pace up top, I think Crooks has done a great job filling in as a striker, but Archer was a great outlet today.

To think he has hardly played any minutes all season, he will only get better, we now have a real striker up top, his movement all game was clever, the team will get used to his runs, as he will get used to his teammates.

Great day and great team performance.


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He is very highly rated by Villa, he won't be signing for us permanently
They were willing to let him go on a permanent transfer a few weeks ago. No point being highly rated and not starting games! Not a bad idea to get a few of our loans signed on permanent deals..


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His pace and darting between defenders caused them no end of bother.... think he looks like he's going to be a great signing
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He's going to score so many goals for us with his running in behind. It was so unfortunate that he had a heavy touch leading up to the 1st goal, otherwise I'm sure he'd have scored.

He also held the ball up well at times, which surprised me given his frame.