Britishvolt at Blyth in administration.


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I'm not sure the Government should have bailed them out. The current management never met any of its proposed targets/timelines, and most likely that taxpayers money would have gone down the spout. Maybe some fresh parties will come in now and look to take over the project.


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Yeah lets sink money into a private equity for zero returns.
Like the Government do every year into the Private Railways companies - and have done every year since "privatisation".
Our money subsidises private shareholders and we get absolutely nothing in return!


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So much for levelling up. The good people of Blyth have well an truly been conned by the lend me your ear/vote Tories.

Wonder if their tory MP Ian Levy will survive the next election with a majority of 712 votes from the last.

Just know that whatever they promise that is good, simply won't happen in the NE. Its a wonder it wasn't pushed into a freeport zone for tax avoidance purposes. Then you would have some impetus and dodgy funding.


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Broken promises - like so many things that started in the Johnson government.

He said in Parliament that the cheque was in the post when questioned on it by Ian Lavery.

Truly despicable and a real hammer blow to my local community though sadly not unexpected.


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Britishvolt calls in administrators following failed takeover talks​

The majority of the firm's 300 staff have been made redundant

Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery said: “The reports this morning that Britishvolt have gone into administration following a number of failed takeover bids are extremely disappointing and a massive blow to the region which was set to benefit from the thousands of much needed jobs the project promised to create. This development was once the crown jewel of the Government’s levelling up policy in the North East but is now in grave danger of collapsing.

"Back in July Boris Johnson when he was the Prime Minister told me that the cheque was in the post to Britishvolt, but the reality is they have never received penny from the Government. If they are serious about levelling up the North East the Government need to put their money where its mouth is and get behind a gigafactory being built on this site in Cambois."


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Tories steal people's futures for votes. After Thatchers deindustrialisation people up here suffered stress related mental health issues, depression and suicides, due to abject poverty imposed on us. It has taken over 40 years to even get a sniff of a hope from either party then this happens.


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BritishVolt had nothing! Apart from a great sales pitch and a fancy looking PowerPoint presentation.

They didn’t have any orders, they didn’t have the backing of a major manufacturer, they blagged it as far as they could. I’m amazed they made it this far.