Boro vs Forest Match thread


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I'd have played Britt, but most of that would have been my team too. Can't be helped with illness though.

Wouldn't be against Spence starting, mind.

That's assuming McNair is in midfield though.
With Fletcher injured and Britt sick (if true), he had no choice other than to play Gestede. He might by some miracle fluke something whereas no miracle could stretch as far as Nmecha.
A non chance-creating midfielder (Tav) with a barely able to run, non-scoring striker ( Gestede) signals another defeat tonight, I fear.

I hope I'm wrong.


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Rudy Gestede has played 60 games between 2016 and today. He has scored a grand total of 5 goals.. A striker who scores One goal every 12 games is leading the line to save us. God help us and god please let today be the day he get 2 even if he has to wait 24 games for the next one,